About Us


Snax Emporium was founded in May 2019, for the sole purpose of bringing high quality, unusual or exotic Food and Beverage products from around the world to UK consumers.

The Snax Emporium founder, Moshi was in Cyprus and found an Iced Coffee brand which absolutely tickled his tastebuds. He knew he had never tasted such a refreshing, delicious Iced Coffee in the UK. He loved that, unlike most of the big brands currently available in the UK, it was not sickly sweet, not high in calories or dairy, but was absolutely delicious.

From that point, Snax Emporium’s first product launch was in the making. We have team members based in the U.S, Europe and the Middle-East on the hunt for exciting and high quality products from across the globe, which we will bring directly to UK consumers. From Iced Coffee to Truffle Oils, Snax Emporium will bring you the best Foods and Beverages the world has to offer.  

The Master Café range is first of many products that will be hitting the UK shores over the next year, with a variety of other scrumptious products in the pipeline that can be delivered directly to your doorstep.