Cocktail Recipes - Iced Irish Coffee

Cocktail Recipes - Iced Irish Coffee

For our next cocktail recipe, I bring you this little gem...

Many of us love that our morning coffee gets our day started with a little boost. When it comes to our evening kick, we generally search for the same feeling, but that usually results in the use of some sort of booze.

Well….for you coffee and alcohol lovers, we have the perfect combo. I personally love that balance of a sweet sensation with a boozy hit and when it comes to alcohol, my personal favourite combination of Master Cafe and an alcahol has got to be the Iced Irish Coffee. 

This is putting a modern summer twist on a classic dessert drink. It provides a creamy and sweet kick, with the cream from the baileys balancing off the lower dairy in the Classico.  

For this naughty and very simply concoction, you just need the following ingredients:

Double Shot of Baileys Irish Cream

1 Can Master Cafe

2 Iced Cubes

Whipped Cream Topping (optional)


For this very simple little beauty, I recommend putting the double-shot of Bailey's into the glass of Ice first. Shake up the Master Cafe Classico and add to the Baileys. 

Adding the Master Cafe in last serves to mix the ingredients together, and also gives you the chance to pour enough Master Cafe to suit your tastes (some may prefer it stronger than others). 

If you want to increase the richness of the drink, add a swirl of whipped cream to finish (optional). 

Baileys Irish Cream

Enjoy :) 


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