Cocktail Recipes - Chocolate Orange Explosion

Cocktail Recipes - Chocolate Orange Explosion

As a chocolate lover, this is one of my favourites. The ultimate indulgence - rich and creamy and perfect for those that like Iced Coffee and are partial to a Terry's Chocolate Orange. 

The unique blend of exquisite Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur combined with melt-in-your-mouth orange truffle flavour is truly seductive. 

On its own, Bailey's Orange Truffle is fairly rich drink, and so adding Master Cafe Mocha to the equation certainly accentuates the richness of the chocolate flavour and creamy texture and delivers a special result. However it is probably not a cocktail that one could have ten of in an evening without feeling mildly nauseous.

Rather, I suspect, It’s perfect for sharing with friends or as an after-dinner treat. Best served over ice, and for a little extra sparkle, grate a little orange zest over the top to garnish before serving. The zest adds a tangy edge that brings out the orange flavour.


1 x 50ml shot of Baileys Orange Truffle  

1 x 240ml can of Master Cafe Mocha

3 ice cubes

Large Pinch of Orange Zest (optional)


Baileys Orange Truffle Image

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